Rettig Engineered Products offers stock and custom engineered solutions. All of our products are produced by direct manufacturers. These products are designed to handle any number of industries and environments based on customer needs. Our ability to customize products affords our customers the potential to have components which meet their exact needs relative to performance, size and material.

Precision Motion Control Technology

High performance fractional horsepower brush and brushless DC motors

Direct drive brushless DC torque motors


High power density alternators

• High energy linear/rotary solenoids

• Integrated motion assemblies/gimbals

• Value added motor and controller solutions

Air Moving and Thermal Management Products

High pressure multi-stage, dual centrifugal & radial blowers

Motorized fans & impellers

Electrical/Fluid Rotary Solutions

Capsule & thru-bore slip rings

Ethernet/high speed slip rings

Wind energy specific slip rings

Poly twists

Single/multi-channel & hybrid FORJ’s

Stock and custom rotary unions

Integrated rotary unions with slip rings

Fiber Optic Solutions

Single/multi-channel & hybrid FORJ’s

Single and multi mode capability

Fiber optic modems, switches & multiplexers

Additive Manufacturing

 3D Printing in numerous materials

 Quick turn prototypes

 Low to medium run production

 Conformal Cooling inserts for enhancing molding ROI

Sound, Thermal, Vibration, Insulation

Acoustic absorption open and closed cell foams and PET materials

Sound barrier, damping and gasketing materials

Engineered thermal insulation products

Aircraft and aerospace materials including Boeing Approved BMS8-385D hydrophobic melamine

Elastomeric vibration control solution

Shock attenuating wire rope isolators

Single and multi-spring isolators

Architectural mounts

Seismic/IBC related engineered solutions

Industrial Hardware and Springs

Industrial Hardware and Springs

High quality hinges & latches

Staples, handles, knobs, pulls, door holders, tie-downs & locks

NEMA and JIC compliant components for electrical enclosures

Standard and custom hardware and finishes

Customized industrial hardware designs & assemblies

Stock and custom round wire springs

Compression, extension, torsion, die & wave designs

Specialty belleville and constant force solutions

Plastic composite springs

Stampings, four slide & wire forms

Flexible/Ruggedized PCBAs

Rigid, flex & rigid flex PCBA’s

PCBA prototypes

Ruggedized and ROHS compliant circuit boards