Noise Control, Vibration and Shock Isolation

Soundcoat designs Engineered Noise Control Solutions for their Customers. Whether you need your acoustic solution laminated, coated, or embossed, with adhesive or without, cut to shape, in sheets, or packaged in kits, The Soundcoat Company has the solution.

• Acoustic absorption products: open & closed cell foams

• Lightweight PET fiber materials

• Sound barriers, damping & gasketing products

• Aircraft & aerospace approved materials

The VMC Group offers one of the world’s most comprehensive product lines, and related engineering capabilities, for vibration isolation, shock protection, and seismic solutions. Their standard and custom products serve the commercial construction, military/aerospace, and industrial/vehicular OEM markets including the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and generator industries.

• Elastomeric & spring vibration control solutions

• Shock attenuating wire rope isolators

• Seismic/IBC related engineered solutions