Rettig Engineered Products Line Card

Electrical / Fluid Rotary Solutions

Rettig Engineered Products represents catalog stock and custom electrical slip rings and fluid rotary devices. No matter the media, whether it be signal, power, data or fluid, we have the expertise to support your most difficult needs. The product lines include the following:

Slip Rings: Moog, Rekofa and GAT

Rotary Unions: Moog and GAT

• Compact Slip Ring Capsules • Custom designed unions for any media
• Ethernet Slip Rings • Single and Multi-Pass configurations
• High Speed Slip Ring Capsules • Hybrid Designs
• Large Diameter Slip Rings • High Speed
• Separates • High Pressure
• Slip Rings with Through-Bores • Fluid and Electrical Combination Solutions
• Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
• Wind Turbine Designs